Equest is a property and project management company focused on the Romanian real estate market. Established in 2005 and having currently a 14-strong team of property managers and business analists, the main attributes that make Equest one of the most dynamic and experienced company in the Romanian property management field are:

• Fully operational platform – through its local office in Bucharest, Equest is managing about 66,000 sqm of properties, comprising of a mix of logistics and office buildings.

• In depth knowledge of the local real estate market– having a solid experience on the Romanian real estate market, Equest has the capability to source real estate projects and opportunities direct to the source, not relying exclusively on agents or brokers for deal sourcing.

• Relationships with the leading real estate providers – Equest has direct access to the main retailers and real estate service providers, covering in such way the entire spectrum of property management services for the projects under management.

• Management the relationship with the lenders – Equest is managing directly the relationship with the lenders which provide the finance for the projects under its management, including the periodical reportings, monitoring of covenants and negotiations for refinancing